RefectoCil Sensitive Black Tint

RefectoCil Sensitive Black Tint

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Naturally black styles!

RefectoCil Sensitive Black Tint 15ml

Sensitive black mildy dyes every hair in a rich, pure black hue. We recommend it especially for dyeing Lashes or for dark eyebrows of sensitive clients. For luscious black looks!

  • Sensitive - no burning, no irritations
  • First eyelash & eyebrow tint based on plant extracts
  • Application in 2 steps and 3 minutes
  • Smudge and water proof
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks


Perfect results in only a few STEPS

  • Apply Silicone Pads (no cream needed) or Eye Protection Paper in combination with RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream & Mask.
  • Apply Colour Gel with the application stick - leave on for 2 minutes
  • RemoveĀ  Colour Gel with a dry Q tip
  • Apply Developer Gel with the application stick - leave on for 1 minute
  • Remove with a moist cotton pad - DONE!

Additional information

  • Please use in combination with RefectoCil Sensitive Developer Gel only!
  • Please don't mix Colour gel and Developer Gel!

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