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Our partnerships with the brands we offer to our clients are further forged by providing important resources to help guide or improve professional use of our products.

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JaxWax Australia

Salon Resources & Materials

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Tips & Tricks

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BeYou Health

Product Information & Training Materials

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Antipodes Skincare

Salon Resources

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Resources & Video Guides

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Lash & Brow Styling & Shaping Training

Eyelash Perming Training Video

Lash Styling – Eyelash Lift Training

Brow Lift Lamination Training

Elysian Valentina

Training Guides

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Tips & Tricks Blog

Jax Wax Australia, Pre & Post Wax Products

Jax Wax Australia’s range of Pre and Post Waxing Products have been formulated to be very versatile in their use before, after and during the waxing treatment. Some of our products contain ingredients that make them more beneficial in targeting problems such as ingrown hairs and certain skin conditions. 

Hair & Waxing

At Jax Wax Australia we know all about hair We know how to remove it And we do it best! Jax Wax Australia’s range of quality waxes are made to remove hair effectively with ease, our trainers are the best in the business. Jax Wax Australia conduct courses for beginners and specific workshops for those that want to upgrade their skills.

Avoid a Wax Pitfall

Allergies, skin sensitivities, rashes… Like most things, there is room for things to go wrong in waxing. We ask Michele Hetherington, head trainer for Jax Wax, what we should be looking out for to avoid wax-related skin issues.

7 Top Winter Wax Tips! How to Keep your Wax Clients Booking

If you’re finding your waxing appointments are dropping off now that winter is here? We ask Michele Hetherington, National Training Manager at Jax Wax for seven inspired winter waxing tips that will keep your wax appointments filled. Are you your clients hiding away during the cold months? Here are some great tips to keep them booking.


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