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Professional salon supplies delivered throughout New Zealand by a company that cares

For over 19 years, Beauty Spa Wellbeing has helped the beauty industry do what it does best – care for clients' needs by specialising in sourcing and supplying wholesale beauty therapy products for both large and small salons throughout New Zealand.

Dunedin-based Beauty Spa Wellbeing focuses on high-quality brands that are not only competitively priced, but also provide excellent value for money.

Beauty Spa Wellbeing is:

  • A wax specialist and the New Zealand distributor of Jax Wax Australia (formerly Adam and Eve Wax)
  • The sole wholesale distributor to salons for Antipodes Organic Skincare range
  • Stockist for leading eyebrow and eyelash tint brand RefectoCil and Elysian Valentina
  • Supplier of a range of other innovative, high-performing beauty salon supplies.

Beauty Spa Wellbeing is owned by experienced businesswoman Brigetta Anselmi.

Brigetta completed a marketing degree and had always wanted to work for herself so she could balance family and work while the family was young. Brigetta's career began when she put together a business designing and branding a range of decorative preserves under the brand Anselmi Conserva.

The jars were sealed with a sealing wax imported from Melbourne and made by Tina and Geoff Copland, who later developed Adam & Eve waxes which became Jax Wax. A family move to Melbourne in 2001 Brigetta got to know Tina and Geoff and it was while Brigetta was living there Tina and Geoff began producing depilatory wax under the name of Adam & Eve.

In 2002, moving back to New Zealand with 3 young children, depilatory wax was put in the container. This was the beginning of Beauty Spa Wellbeing. On a farm in Otago with 3 young children, Brigetta from the kitchen table, sent wax to salons around New Zealand to get feedback. It was the first beaded hot wax in New Zealand and therapists loved the wax. 

Now, 19 years later, Beauty Spa Wellbeing has expanded to include a complete range of beauty salon supplies. Beauty Spa Wellbeing continues to enjoy a great business partnership with Jax Wax, which now exports to over 20 countries worldwide and is an international market leader in depilatory wax.

Family and work must balance together for everyone involved with Beauty Spa Wellbeing. This business moral encompasses everything from business operations, to product procurement.

Beauty Spa Wellbeing is passionate about creating relationships with businesses and people all over the world. It is through these relationships that we can devote ourselves to the wellbeing of individuals everywhere, and invest in the vegan and organic future of the beauty industry.

Beauty Spa Wellbeing cares for its staff and customers

Brigetta's personal experiences have led her to develop a company that can be relied upon to help its staff as much as it does its clients.

In developing this culture within the business, Brigetta has attracted a team of caring and understanding staff. As a business, Beauty Spa Wellbeing promotes kindness, inclusiveness and empathy towards others, rather than take a hard-nosed, pragmatic approach. We now run a business model which is the envy of many working women and one which we are very proud of.

Beauty Spa Wellbeing has spread its business philosophy and model through their work within the community.

Previously, Beauty Spa Wellbeing has partnered with Cargill Enterprises, a Dunedin-based company that helps people with disabilities gain a job in an exciting and engaging workplace.

This partnership between Beauty Spa Wellbeing and Cargill Enterprises was a wonderful way to support our local community and witness the positive effects first hand.

Since partnering with Cargill Enterprises, BSW has been fortunate enough to be able to operate out of a newly constructed warehouse in Fairfeild, Dunedin.

The warehouse has been designed specifically to operate around the lives of the staff to embrace the flexibility needed for a modern workspace. This flexibility enables staff to work comfortably and easily to manage their work around family and other commitments - an important aspect of BSW's business structure.  

Easy online ordering for professional salon supplies and exceptional customer service

Your business and its success are our priority, and we pride ourselves on providing the best service available in New Zealand. 

Our easy online ordering and quick dispatch is supported by our customer services manager.

As a trained beauty therapist with over 25 years’ experience, our in house support ensures you have an in-depth understanding of our products. She will answer any questions and provide advice on the best products for your salon. 

All the displayed prices you see publicly on this store are our retail prices. For wholesale purchases, please reach out.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you need further information or opt to request for a call or product demonstration.

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