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Refectocil Graphite Tint No. 1.1 15ml | Beauty Spa Wellbeing Online

Graphite Tint No. 1.1 15ml


Graceful Graphite!

RefectoCil Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint Graphite No. 1.1 will naturally cover and subtly darken greying or white hair. Mixing with graphite lets other RefectoCil colours show a cooler tone. For timeless styles!

  • Dark grey and brows
  • Mixable with all 8 RefectoCil Tints for cool colour accents
  • Recommended also for men who wish for naturally emphasized eyes
  • Smudge-and waterproof
  • Lasts 6 weeks

Check the RefectoCil Tint Guide to help you find the best shade to match.

Size: 15ml tube

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