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Hair & Waxing

by Amelia Hewett on August 24, 2021  in jax wax

By: Michele Hetherington, Training Manager Jax Wax Australia

Influences on Hair Growth Rate

Hair is extremely sensitive to changes happening in the body. 

  • Cell reproduction in the hair happens at the second highest rate in the body
  • Hair grows faster in warmer weather
  • During sleep and between the ages of 16 and 24 hair grows faster.

Hair growth is affected by nutrition. 

  • Stress and some medications can have an adverse effect on the rate of hair growth.
  • Individual variations in metabolism also have an impact on hair growth.

Certain hormones also have an impact on hair growth. 

  • The male sex hormones, androgens, increase hair growth on the upper lip, chin, thighs, chest and pubic area in both males and females at the onset of puberty. 

Effects of good waxing

  • Jax Wax Australia’s range of quality waxes are made to remove hair effectively with ease, our trainers are the best in the business.  Jax Wax Australia conduct courses for beginners and specific workshops for those that want to upgrade their skills. 
  • Waxing has immediate and long-term effects, high quality products and well trained therapists are imperative to the waxing treatment.
  •  The immediate effect of waxing is damage to the hair bulb, which provides nourishment for newly forming and established hair. 
  • Repeated waxing causes the hair bulb to become permanently damaged. Hair will not grow when a hair bulb is damaged, so the long-term effect of waxing is less hair growth.

Effects of poor waxing

  • Poor quality waxing products or an unskilled therapist can cause the hair to snap off at the surface of the skin, instead of being pulled out at the root.
  • It may look like all of the hair has been removed, though in just a few days you will notice hair is growing back and appears thicker.
  • If the hair is snapped off at the surface of the skin or just below, it has the same effect as shaving and may also cause ingrown hairs.

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