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Save precious time and delivery costs, Beauty Spa Wellbeing provides a one-stop shop for all your beauty salon supplies – available for salons throughout New Zealand.
  • Order everything you need online - the more you order, the more you save
  • Professional-grade salon essentials
  • Comprehensive customer support service

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Disclaimer: These products are intended for professional use. Beauty Spa Wellbeing takes no responsibility if products are applied by unqualified beauty therapy staff.

Pre-cut Waxing Strips (100pk)


Small Vinyl Gloves


Body Spatulas


Long Facial Spatulas (250pk)


Hygiene Intimate Wipes


Disposable G-strings


Perforated Fibrella Bed Roll


Alcohol Prep Pads


Micellar Eye Make-up Remover 100ml


Ultra Face Wipes


Disposable Face Masks


Facial Compress Towels


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