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Which Wax?

by Amelia Hewett on August 24, 2021  in after waxhot waxjax waxstrip waxwaxing pre & post care

Michele Hetherington is a senior Beauty Therapist and Educator with more than 20 years of extensive experience within the Beauty Industry.

Michele has been working with Jax Wax since 2003, her current role as National Training Manager involves liaising with National and International clients, whilst developing and implementing up to date training systems.  Her experience includes, Salon Owner, Beauty Educator for some Australia’s leading companies, working with leading plastic surgeon Dr. Lionel Chang, and Cosmetic Physician Dr. John Madirazza.

She has managed and taught at one of Sydney’s leading Makeup & Beauty Schools and worked with the implementation and delivery of the SIB50110 Diploma of Beauty.  Michele is a Member of the AABTH, CIDESCO and holds a Cert IV Training and Assessment, Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Cert IV Makeup and Cert IV Remedial Massage.

Which Wax Is Best for What Treatment?

Waxes have come a long way since wax strips made their début in the 1960’s.   Hot and strip waxes now provide a faster more efficient application; they are more economical and provide greater client comfort. These two types of waxes are made very differently and have been designed to be used in specific ways to ensure minimal damage is done to the skin while removing all the hairs.

Which wax do I choose and why?

As the National Training Manager for Jax Wax Australia, I mainly work with Jax Wax Australia Cooktown Orchid Hot Wax when waxing the face and intimate areas. I use Jax Wax Australia Coastal Banksia Strip Wax for larger less sensitive areas such as arms, legs, men’s backs and the outer bikini. Currently in Australia, the Beauty Services Training Package includes training methods for hot and strip wax on all areas of the body, though recommends the use of hot wax for sensitive areas.

Performing a waxing treatment requires an understanding of the skin to provide the best results.  For example; mature skin that is thin and/or progressing through menopause is extremely delicate and sensitive.  Waxing this type of skin requires the use of an oil such as, Jax Wax Australia Orange Pre-Wax Oil, prior to applying a hot wax to protect the fragile skin.  I would also ensure that I use a wax which has a lower melting point such as Jax Wax Australia Coastal Banksia beaded hot wax and check the temperature before applying.

Hot Wax
Recommended for use on delicate /sensitive areas such as eyebrows, face and any intimate regions. It is applied to the skin slightly warmer than strip wax using a spatula. The wax is spread both with and against the direction of the hair growth and as the wax starts to set it grips around the base of the hair shaft as it continues to dry it contracts and lifts away from the skin.  When hot wax is removed, the hairs pull away with very little damage to the upper layers of skin.

Advantages of Hot Wax

  • Sticks to hair not skin, making it less aggressive on removal
  • Will remove all types of hair
  • Allows for more precision when waxing
  • Its workability makes it easier to support the skin when removing
  • Can be applied on top of pre-wax oil that is used to soften skin whilst creating a protective barrier
  • Does not require a waxing strip for removal
  • Less painful on sensitive areas


  • As hot wax is used at a higher working temperature, extra care must be taken to avoid overheating the skin during treatment
  • Application is not as thin or as fast as strip wax
  • Requires consistency in working temperature
  • Consistency in application techniques to effectively remove finer hair

Strip wax
Recommended for use on larger areas of the body, such as legs, arms and men’s chests and backs.  It is applied to the skin warm and is spread in the direction of the hair growth. A wax strip is smoothed down onto the wax, bonding with the hair whilst remaining on the skin.  When we remove the strip we also remove some of the stratum corneum and significant moisture is stripped from the upper layers of the skin and the underlying layers are pulled and stretched. 

Advantages of Strip Wax

  • Lower working temperature means clients find it more comfortable on application
  • Application and removal is quicker than hot wax
  • Less wax is required, and therefore more economical
  • Working temperature is more consistent than hot wax
  • Quicker treatment as larger areas are covered with one spatula of wax and speed waxing techniques can be utilised


  • Sticks to hair and skin, making it more aggressive on the skin when removed
  • If wax is applied to thick or too cold, it may result in bruising or grazing to the skin.
  • Can leave sticky residue if therapist is not proficient in removal techniques or if the wax is of a lower quality
  • Requires wax strip for removal


After Care Advice

After the use of either wax I always use an after-wax lotion.  After any facial waxing, my favourite product is the Jax Wax Australia Vanilla Lotion as it has an immediate cooling effect, visibly reduces redness and leaves skin soft and protected.  It is suitable for all skin types and most importantly is made with vegetable oils and does not contain mineral oil, palm oil or parabens.  

No matter what the wax I always give the same after care advice:

  • Moisturise every day with a moisturiser which has a high water content to hydrate your skin
  • Wait 4 days after waxing before you start to exfoliate 
  • Only exfoliate once a week as over exfoliation causes an inflammatory response and will result in ingrown hairs and uneven hair growth.
  • Avoid excessive exercise for the first 24 hours after waxing 
  • Avoid hot showers, saunas and spas for the first 24-48 hours
  • Avoid sun for the first 48-72 hours as the skin is more sensitive
  • Avoid tight clothing for the first 24 hours


Michele Hetherington

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