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The Brazilian -- Your Questions Answered

by Amelia Hewett on August 24, 2021  in after waxbrazilian waxjax waxwaxing pre & post care

By Jax Wax Australia National Trainer, Michele Hetherington

Brazilian waxing can be very intimidating for first timers.  Whether you are getting your first Brazilian or doing your first Brazilian, this blog covers information for both therapists and clients.

When I trained as a beauty therapist, “The Brazilian” or “Intimate Waxing” did not exsist, we had the standard bikini and the extended bikini.  It wasn’t until 2001 that I was trained in full Brazilian waxing using both strip/soft wax and hot/hard wax. Based on my experiences working as the National Training Manager for Jax Wax Australia and with contributions from my collegues in Australia and overseas I would like to firstly say that no two Brazilian waxes are the same.  

What is a Brazilian?

Technically, the term Brazilian Wax doesn’t exist, as it just doesn’t make sense. In Brazil this style of waxing is simply called depillar (meaning to pluck hairs or to wax).  However, the Western world officially named the style because of the skimpy bikinis worn on Brazilian beaches.

Regardless of the names, this ancient practice is more popular than ever and there’s no question that women everywhere are jumping on the Brazilian bandwagon.  A Brazilian differs from a regular bikini wax because all the hair is removed from the front to the back.

Do Brazilians hurt?

It can be uncomfortable. The removal of pubic hair naturally irritates and inflames the hair follicles.  To reduce client discomfort; preparation, high quality waxing products, and correct treatment procedures are the key to ensuring the Brazilian wax is a more stress-free experience. 

Which wax should be used strip or hot?

Strip waxes are typically liquid at room temperature, they are applied at a lower temperature to the skin and remain sticky until removed with the waxing strip.  These waxes stick to the skin and therefore can result in increase sensitivtiy.

Hot waxes are solid at room temperature, they are applied to the skin a little warmer and are designed to encapsulate the hair shaft as the wax sets.  Hot or hard wax does not stick to skin making it less painful on sensitive delicate areas such as the pubic region. Making it more suitable for the treatment.

What is the minimum age for Brazilian waxing?

Salons require that clients under the age of 18 should have the written permission of their parent or guardian for this treatment. The parent / guardian should be present during the treatment. This is to protect a minor from any form of exploitation and also to protect you and the salon should a problem arise during the treatment.

Health Regulations

Waxing is a method of temporary hair removal and under the Public Health Regulation 2012 is defined as a ‘skin penetration procedure’. This means that the premises and procedures must comply with the Public Health Regulation 2012.  Please refer to your individual state requirements for more details.

How Long Does an Intimate Waxing Treatment Take?

It normally takes between 15 to 45 minutes; the following factors can influence the treatment time.

  • Previous methods of hair removal used
  • Quality of wax
  • Experience level of therapist
  • Waxing regularly 
  • Body shape
  • Hair growth patterns, thickness and density.
  • Anxiety
  • Pregnancy
  • Disabilities 

How often will I need a Brazilian wax?

The hair will grow back quicker after the first treatment but after the second the growth becomes more regular and delayed. Ideally, the second treatment is booked for three weeks after the initial treatment. After the second treatment you and the client need to determine when to schedule the next visit based on hair growth. Usually, this will be between 4 – 6 weeks. 

Worried about the Intimate nature of the Brazilian? 

As a trainer in Brazilian waxing, one of the first things I teach students is to respect the modesty of their client.  It is important clients feel comfortable in the environment and confident in the professional skills of the therapist. I use a towel to cover the client’s areas that are not being waxed.

Preparation for Brazilian Waxing

  • Hair needs to be approximately ½ centimetre long for effective removal. It is better to let the therapist decide if the hair requires trimming
  • If you have just shaved, you should have at least three weeks of hair growth before waxing
  • It is highly recommended that clients should not have a Brazilian wax when they are menstruating
  • Clients can take a paracetamol before the treatment but you cannot supply them
  • In the days leading up to your appointment, be sure to exfoliate and moisturise skin regularly
  • Wear loose clothing to your appointment– tight clothing will rub against the area and aggravate tender skin
  • Clients should shower or use feminine hygiene wipe before arriving for their appointment
  • Clients should not have alcohol, caffeine, stimulatory medications or recreational drugs before the treatment as this may increase sensitivity and apprehension.

The Consultation

The initial client consultation is very important. It allows the therapist to gather information for effective treatment, identifies contra indications, builds rapport and assists the client to gain trust and confidence in the beauty therapist. Medical conditions, medical history, prescription medications, recreational drugs and herbal remedies can cause reactions to waxing. The consultation should be conducted in private and records kept in a secure area. 

Contra indications  

There are general contra indications to waxing and specific contra indications for intimate areas. Not all contra indications prevent the treatment being conducted, however a trained therapist will know what action or precaution to take depending on the issue.

For further information on contra indications or client consultation forms contact Jax Wax Australia 

What Type of Brazilian Does the Client Want? 

The Brazilian Your Questions Answered by Jax Wax Australia National Trainer, Michele Hetherington | Beauty Spa Wellbing Online

Not everyone chooses to remove all of their hair in a Brazilian wax.  It is important that the therapist explains tactfully the different styles of intimate waxing and that the client confirms the treatment area before the treatment commences.

 Different types of Brazilian waxing

  • Full removal of all hair from the pubic area, including the front area covering the pubic bone, the labia and around the bottom.
  • Removal of all pubic hair, excluding the bottom area.
  • A thin strip left at the front over the pubic bone.
  • A shaped area of hair left at the front.

The Treatment Process

When you enter the treatment room it should be private, clean, preferably air-conditioned and well ventilated with good lighting. The therapist will instruct the client on how to get ready and then leave the room allowing the client privacy.

  • Clients are asked to remove their clothing from below the waist, and place in a plastic bag provided.
  • The client will change into a disposable G-string and gown around the waist, fastened at the front. 
  • Some salons provide clients baby wipes so that they can clean the treatment area before they get on the couch, it is important that client’s dispose of the wipes directly into the rubbish bin provided.
  • The beauty bed should be prepared with new disposable bed sheet and replaced after each client. All equipment should be clean and sanitised according to regulations for skin penetration. 

Conducting the treatment – for therapists

Whist my client is on the beauty bed with the gown still fastened, I briefly run through the treatment process.  I explain that I will be directing them with positioning and placement of their hands to assist in stretching the skin to ensure an effective treatment. During my discussion I inform the client that I will be wearing non-latex medical grade gloves and that I will be applying pressure to the skin immediately after removal of wax (pressure on the nerve endings relieves the initial pain).  I will also explain that the disposable G- string will be adjusted during the treatment making it easier to wax with modesty. 

It is important to inform the client that during the procedure when hair is removed small blood spots may appear. This is normal and can indicate that the hair removed was in an anagen growth stage.  If blood spots appear wipe the area with a disposable wipe which has been sprayed with Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell Pre Wax Cleanser and dispose of wipe immediately into rubbish bin. 

  • Ask the client lay flat on the bed whilst gown is opened at the front, instruct them to place their hands flat over their belly button stretching the skin upwards, this stretch will help the client relax.
  • Spray the area with a pre-wax cleanser such as Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell Pre Wax Cleanser, to remove the surface bacteria and check for visible signs of contra indications.
  • Using hot wax, start by removing all of the hair from the Mons pubis, then begin to remove hair from each side using the G-string to section the Labia. Remove as much hair as possible from the front. 
  • To complete the bottom area, ask the client to turn and face away from you and lay on the bed in a position similar to the recovery position, this is comfortable and maintains client modesty.
  • The wax sequence will vary as will the position of the client during the female intimate waxing process due hair growth patterns, flexibility and size of the client. 
  • It is of utmost importance that the therapist checks for reactions during any waxing treatment and take action to prevent adverse reactions. Therapists that have trained in Jax Wax Australia waxing methods and correct use our products generally avoid any reactions and clients experience very little discomfort.

Aftercare – advice for clients

At the completion of the treatment the therapist will spray the area with Jax Wax Australia After Wax Oil and the gown fastened.  The therapist will instruct the client to remove the G-string when they leave the room and place it directly in the rubbish bin before changing back into their clothes.

Advise the client to treat the area very gently and to be aware of complications. These are rare but possible if the client does not take the correct precautions.

  • Wear loose clothing – any friction on the area will aggravate the already sensitive skin.
  • Cotton underwear is the best as it allows perspiration to evaporate from the skin surface.
  • Avoid any activities that will cause friction in the area until the skin has recovered, including intercourse.
  • Do not have heat treatments or hot showers for a few hours after treatment.
  • Use antibacterial soap/wash.
  • Do not sunbathe or spray tan after treatment – for the next 24 hours. 
  • Avoid activities which cause perspiration – work outs, running, using a sauna.
  • It is advised that you do not swim in chlorinated pools for the next 24hrs.
  • Do not loofah or exfoliate the area until one week after the treatment.
  • Use a skin care between treatments such as Jax Wax Australia Vanilla Wax Lotion.
  • If prone to ingrown hairs use Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell After Wax Lotion or Oil as a take home treatment, which should be used between treatments. 

Jax Wax Australia Intimate waxing products

  • Jax Wax Australia recommend Hot/Hard wax for intimate waxing as it encases the base of the hair shaft and does not stick to skin.  This results in a more comfortable wax for the client.
  • Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell Pre Wax Cleanser will remove surface bacteria and cool the skin prior to waxing treatment resulting in less chance of skin infections and the wax setting up quicker.
  • Jax Wax Australia Pre Wax Oil softens skin prior to waxing and provides a protective a barrier assisting in hair removal.  
    • For those therapists who prefer to use talc rather than pre-wax oil, Jax Wax Australia waxes will perform the same as if over oil.
  • Jax Wax Australia After Wax Lotions and Oils will cool, calm and nourish the skin targeting problems such as ingrown hairs and skin conditions. 

Contact Jax Wax Australia for further information regarding training workshops, product catalogue and pricing.

Michele Hetherington – National Training Manager

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