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Summer Waxing Tips for Therapists

by Amelia Hewett on August 24, 2021  in hot waxjax waxstrip waxwaxing in summerwaxing pre & post care

In the warm summer months, the needs of our skin are quite different than over the harsh cold winter. It’s important when waxing your clients to be aware of the contraindications that are more relevant in summer such as:

  • Sun exposure
  • Sensitivity to heat
  • Medications that interfere with the regulation of body temperature
  • Moisture being trapped under the skin due to high humidity
  • Skin conditions that are affected by heat such as Eczema or heat rash 
  • Common allergies associated with warmer weather that cause the skin to be more sensitive
  • Medical conditions such as MS cause heat intolerance

A therapist will need to implement extra procedures into the waxing treatment and make some changes to the treatment room when the weather is hot.

5 Tips to Improve your Waxing Service in Summer 

1) Wax pots 

Hot and strip waxes perform within a variable temperature range, in winter waxes need to be at the higher end of the range while in summer the pots should be at the lower end. Topping up your wax pots before they get close to the bottom of the pot will help to maintain a more consistent working temperature.  We recommend you have your wax pots a little cooler in Summer to ensure effective application and removal.

2) Air conditioning 

In Summer we recommend that the waxing room is cooled to comfortable temperature.  Make sure that the airflow from air conditioning and fans is directed away from the wax pots and the client’s skin.  This can affect the temperature of the pots and the setting of wax on the skin.

3) Prepare the client

Jax Wax Australia recommend scheduling all waxing appointments 5 minutes longer than you normally would. This allows you to offer the client a cool glass of water when they arrive and gives them the opportunity to relax for a few minutes so they can cool down their core body temperature.

4) Prepare for the treatment

Correct preparation of the skin prior to waxing when it is hot will ensure that you will get the wax to perform at its best.  We recommend applying a cool compress over the treatment area or use a spray bottle with cool water to cool the skin prior to waxing.  This process will cool the surface temperature of the skin ensuring easy removal of the wax. Spray or wipe area using Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell Skin Cleanser and allow to air dry.  This will remove the surface bacteria and reduce the likelihood of a bacterial infection occurring after the treatment. For facial waxing, we recommend combining Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell Skin Cleanser with an Jax Wax Australia Pre Wax Oil as the cleanser removes surface bacteria while the oil gives the skin a layer of protection.

5) Treatment Tips

Intimate areas

We recommend after cleansing, applying an ultra-light spray of Jax Wax Australia Pre Wax Oil, followed by a light dusting of talc or corn-starch powder before applying the wax.  The oil will create a protective layer on the skin and the talc will absorb any remaining moisture on the skin creating a barrier on the skin and lifting the finer hairs ensuring a better wax.

Men’s backs or chest

At Jax Wax Australia we recommend applying a light dusting of talc or corn-starch powder prior to applying Jax Wax Australia Hot or Strip Wax.  This will absorb any moisture on the skin, provide a barrier between the skin and the wax and lifts the fine hairs lying flat on the skin. 

During Treatment

If skin starts to get to hot during any waxing treatment you may need to use a cool compress again to cool the surface temperature of the skin.

After Treatment Advice

We recommend providing after wax care advice for individual waxing treatments and suggest appropriate Jax Wax Australia products for client homecare.  Jax Wax Australia’s After Wax Body Lotions are all formulated without mineral oil, absorb quickly and are totally non greasy. They are all formulated with Cocoa Butter that has benefits including being a good source of anti-oxidants, providing deep hydration and is beneficial for sensitive skin.

Jax Wax Australia Cocoa Butter and Vanilla After Wax Body Lotion 

A lovely light lotion with a delicate vanilla fragrance. Great for use after facial waxing.

Jax Wax Australia Coastal Banksia After Wax Body Lotion

Created with natural fragrance with the added benefits of essential oils, this product is the “natural choice” after wax treatment lotion.

Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell After Wax Body Lotion 

The healing benefits of Lavender essential oil enhance the antibacterial properties of our Australian Grown Tea Tree oil in this ultra-light after wax lotion.

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