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Hot/Hard Wax or Strip/Soft Wax?

by Amelia Hewett on August 24, 2021  in after waxhot waxjax waxstrip wax
Hot/hard wax or Strip/soft wax a sensitive topic?
“Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it “- Albert Einstein
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I believe that updating skills and furthering education is an important part of being successful in today’s ever-growing beauty industry. Jax Wax Australia are at the forefront in offering a higher standard of educational workshops and training. It is simply amazing, how everyday hair removal services can either bring beautiful healthy skin, or with a simple misjudgment become unsightly.

Fortunately, the latter can be prevented with proper knowledge, practice, and tools. Wax is applied to the outermost portion of the epidermis, known as the stratum corneum, hair follicles are located in the dermis along with nerve endings, sweat glands, oil glands and blood vessels.  If you are going to remove someone’s hair you need to know about their skin.  

NB: Jax Wax Australia client consultation is recommended prior to initial waxing treatment.

Jax Wax Australia’s strip/soft wax is ideal for fast and efficient hair removal on larger less sensitive areas of the body.  Strip/soft wax does not set but remains soft at body temperature. The wax is spread thinly over the skin in the direction of the hair growth, a non woven, or calico strip is applied and pressed firmly, adhering the strip to the wax and the wax to the skin. The strip is then quickly ripped against the direction of hair growth, as parallel as possible to the skin to avoid trauma to the skin this removes the wax along with the hair. 

NB: Jax Wax Australia aftercare products must be applied after all waxing treatments.

Jax Wax Australia’s hot/hard wax a lower melting point formula for superior hair removal on delicate, sensitive, or intimate areas of the body. Hot/ hard wax is designed to be applied thicker than that of strip/soft wax. The wax is applied with a wooden spatula, with and against the direction of the hair growth; a tab is left slightly raised at one end so that it can be grabbed for removal. As the hot/hard wax cools it contracts around the hair shaft, the wax should be pressed firmly, before removing to ensure efficient removal of the finest of hair, grip the tab firmly between the thumb and forefinger and remove in one fast motion parallel to the skin. 

NB : Jax Wax Australia recommend applying one of our pre wax oils to skin that is prone to sensitivity prior to application of hot/hard wax.

Look after your clients looks

Strip/soft wax is more aggressive than hot/hard wax when used on delicate areas such as eyebrows, where the skin is much thinner. Sometimes the therapist may not even notice a glistening appearance on the skin after removal of wax; it may not become apparent until hours later that the skin has in fact been damaged, such trauma may result post inflammatory hyper- pigmentation, so don’t put your client at risk.

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