Alpine Bluebell Hot Wax 1kg

  • $32.95

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Jax Wax Alpine Bluebell hot wax (Adam & Eve Lavender). Heaven for fragile and delicate waxing (especially facial waxing). Warm on application, the lavender oil calms the skin on removal and prevents redness and inflamed follicles. Beaded, vegan and 100% synthetic. Spread it fast or slow, thick or thin – the super glide formula is effortless to apply.

With no pine resins or artificial fragrances, there’s so many reasons Alpine Bluebell by Jax Wax is sought after by salons and their clients worldwide.

All Jax Wax hot waxes have a  minimum order of 1kg. You may choose 1kg bags or 500g bags for your order. 

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