New Jax Wax Product Names

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As the official NZ distributor of Jax Wax, we wanted to be the first to let you know that new packaging is on its way. It still the same excellent product but with a new product name and new look. So this is familiar over time, we are going to continue for a while to keep referencing the old product name with the new and also share images where possible of all the new packaging on our website. 

Same great products from Jax Wax with new Australian names

Angelic will be changing to Cooktown Orchid
Coconut & Lime will be changing to Coastal Banksia
Lust and Desire will be changing to Victorian Heath
Lavender will be changing to Alpine Bluebell
Spank & Original Sin will changing to Daintree Blackbean
Strawberry will be changing to Sydney Waratah

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