The beginnings of Jax Wax in NZ

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Leaving university with a marketing degree I developed a range of decorative preserves under the brand Anselmi Conserva.  The jars were sealed with a sealing  wax which I imported from a Melbourne company.

We moved to Melbourne as a family for a couple of years in 2001 and I got to know my wax people Tina and Geoff. This developed into a wonderful friendship. 

At the end of our two years in Melbourne I was looking for a business venture to start in New Zealand. Tina and Geoff had set up their own company, Jax Wax  developing a range of beaded depilatory wax. This had never been done before. The first beaded wax in the beauty industry world! Before we knew it Jax Wax beaded wax was in our container and on its way to New Zealand and Beauty Spa Wellbeing became Jax Wax first export market.

16 years later Beauty Spa Wellbeing and Jax Wax Australia enjoy a great friendship and business partnership in New Zealand. 

Jax Wax now export to over 20 countries world wide and is an international market leader in depilatory wax. 


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