Our Christmas New Year hours - A reflection

Posted by Brigetta Anselmi on

This year we decided to make ourselves more accessible to you over the Christmas New Year period. We think it worked for you and got some really positive comments back.

Great feedback from Juliet Kavanagh from La Touch in Cromwell:

"Having Beauty Spa & Wellbeing open for orders between Christmas and new year was very beneficial for my business.

As much as I endeavour to have all of my ordering done and be well stocked up for this busy time, I find you just can't always gauge how busy it will be ( especially in a summer holiday destination ).

I think BSW were ahead of their game,as suppliers by doing this. And I actually don't know why more suppliers aren't open during this time. Especially when we as customers are just needing to make some orders, so they don't even need a full staff.

As BSW are my waxing supplier and waxing is a major service in my clinic, I made the most of ordering with them during that busy time and it meant I didn't get stuck. What a relief!

I also find Ann Marie and the team wonderful to work with."

Thanks Juliet it was great to get your positive feedback!

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